Black Moon from the Colosseum Arch

Saèd Fanari

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Artwork description: The fascination of this painting lies in the detail. Several layers of hi quality paint and gold leaf, a matte finish conserves the beauty on canvas.
Corresponds to "industrial chic" or "shabby chic" through the use of retro colors, white gold effects and the great arch structure. An eye-catcher on large walls, living room, and office.

View of the Black Moon from the Colosseum Arch
The context you used to create the painting
I am the son of the East, the son of the warm sun. My ancestors took the moon as a god. In my painting, this god turned from a cheerful white color to black because of his anger at the number of wars and evils committed in the ancient land. I took my roots with me from Aleppo and planted them in Amsterdam, the land of modernity and art..
Nostalgia slapped me once, and I raised the cup of colors as a toast and set a plate on the banks of my memory, to transfer it on the canvas in a professional manner.
Work story
The picture is from an ancient house built in the Roman style, specifically from the terrace, which has an arch resembling the arches of the Colosseum, I used to look through it at the dome of the sky and the white full moon on a special day. I transferred the picture from my sentimental, but I could not portray it pure, it was overcast and full of contradictions, and the moon expressed it as nihilism in the complete absence of color and he is not satisfied.
Nevertheless, my feelings are mixed between sadness, joy, love of life, optimism and joy, and this is evident by my extensive use of gold (the color of the sun) and my deliberate strokes of red and violet.
The challenge was great to show special feelings in this painting, contrasting feelings between sadness and joy, between despair and belief in a bright future, so I used a somewhat complicated technique, which is a work several layers of high quality acrylic paint and antiqued gold leaf, with a matte finish keeps the beauty and shows the magic of the work on the canvas.
From Philosophy: The Philosophy of Ancient Civilizations About the Black Moon, and I mention from it the writings of Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria.
From the Figure: The arches of the colossal Roman Colosseum in the center of Rome look up to the sky.
From Poetry: Poem (The First Date) by the Syrian - international poet Nizar Qabbani

  • Collection: One of a kind artwork.
  • Created in 2019, Amsterdam.
  • Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas with golden leaf.
  • Size: 100X150cm, depth frame: 4cm.
  • Weight: 3,945kg.
  • Sides are painted.
  • Ready to hang.
  • Signature: Artist logo on the front.
  • Originality: Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Packaging: Cardboard box or wooden box, stable and safe.
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