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Hello!, My name is Saèd Fanari, I'm Visual Artist, and that is my logo..

 Logo philosophy, Saèd Fanari


The main line of my works is: abstract art, using powerful acrylic colours in canvas. The powerful colours in my compositions give them an iconic depth.
Sometimes I tend to use the recycled materials or any available scrap/waste with various kinds of colours, but there is always an inherent balance and harmony, which reveal my artistic visual sense.


Since early childhood, my dreamy personality had motived me to train myself to see other people, places and objects in a different way.
Therefore, I’ve been always feeling that the colours are behind creating things and recreating them, I don’t mean here only the basic visible colours which appear on the surfaces, but it’s about those deep invisible shapes, lines, colours and dimensions, which I receive -and translate- in my own vision, and which varies, up and down, according to my thoughts and feelings, and to my wavy imaginary levels.

Those innumerable colours on my canvases, are the mirror of my own world, and the mirror of my own vision towards this world, they are the wings of my impressions, which makes my works unique.


At the Atelier, Amsterdam, 2017, Saèd Fanari


Arts were always an essential part of my life: in my education, in my career and my interests. Having studied (artistic design) I’ve worked for twenty-five years as a creator/concept designer, which obviously crated a solid base and a tangible impact on my professional artworks and paintings later on.

My first drawings/paintings steps have started with the Impressionism school, I moved then to the abstract art, passing some other arts’ methods and styles that influenced me, such as: Rayonism and Futurism, in addition to the influence of some art’s masters, such as “Theo van Doesburg”, “Piet Mondrian” and other artists, in a constant searching for my visual/artistic own identity.


In my brimful life, major inspirations have inspired my artistic production, starting from my dual wings towards two different worlds simultaneously: the richness and fragrance of the authentic Orient (my original home), and the modernity and productivity of the Western world (where I’m based currently).

The other aspects of my life’s inspiration swing between two opposite dimensions which I’ve personally faced: the first is the hurtful stories, frustrations, disappointments and the pain that inhabited my heart, and the second is the beautiful coincidences, good friends, hope and love.

Those inspirations are reflected in the interactive moods and tones in my works, which melt in an interesting and composite outcome in the viewer eyes.

“I live in a house where no doors exist and no windows… I sometimes doubt whether the roof is even there! My house doesn’t contain a sofa, but it’s full of heart beats, sounds like the first movement of the piano sonata: Moonlight Melody!” - Saèd Fanari 

Saèd Fanari Art Gallery

I’m an artist who moved from Aleppo city to Amsterdam, hoping to transfer the feeling of optimism, through my canvases’ bright colours and fresh form.